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Know Your Rights, Fourth Quarter of 2010

Members know to immediately contact their MEA Labor Representative when faced with a serious disciplinary action. Yet some do not call when an incident seems too minor or trivial. We highly encourage you to contact your representative, regardless of how insignificant the workplace incident seems.

Under the City of San Diego’s Personnel Regulation Index Code L-2,

“An employee may request representation, not to exceed one City employee and one non-City employee, to be present:

1. at any investigatory or fact-finding meeting which may directly result in reduction in compensation, suspension, discharge or demotion, except in cases requiring immediate removal or suspension as defined in Civil Service Rule XI, Sections 4 and 6 and Personnel Manual Section L-2, III, E.;

2. during the required discussion of any document, including an “Unsatisfactory”, “Improvement Needed”, or “Below Standard” Performance Evaluation, written warning, or reprimand which is to be made part of the employee’s permanent record and/or which may be used as a basis for subsequent discipline, provided, however, that the “City employee representative” shall not be an employee subject to the same investigation or fact finding.”

If you ever receive a Notice of a Fact-Finding or are required to attend a meeting regarding a workplace incident, please contact MEA right away. Having your Labor Representative present ensures that you have an advocate by your side with the single goal of fighting for and protecting your rights. Being accompanied by your representative also means that you have another person monitoring and recording exactly what is being said by all parties throughout the proceeding(s).

MEA has fought hard to protect and maintain your rights in the workplace. We will continue to fight on behalf of our members and encourage you to please call us at (619) 264-6632 if you ever need representation.