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Steward’s Corner

MEA stewards are leaders in the workplace who strive to ensure that fairness plays a role in all employee-management interactions. As a steward, it is my responsibility to work and fight on behalf of MEA-represented employees in matters of low level discipline, to make sure that each employee is treated fairly and that any disciplinary action is administered within the bounds of the set rules and regulations. It is also my duty as a steward to appeal any discipline that is delivered incorrectly, improperly or without justifiable cause.

One such case involved an employee who, after receiving a verbal counseling, received a written counseling two months later for the same incident. In the appeal, I pointed out that this case clearly violated Article 10, Section L “Duplication of Discipline” of our MOU. As a result, the appeal was upheld and the written counseling was dismissed.

Currently, MEA has the most dynamic stewards program in years with approximately 20 stewards, all actively involved in representing City employees. I am proud to serve with such a talented group of stewards who have a proven track record of successfully representing MEA-represented employees.

If you ever feel that the City has acted in violation of the MOU or that you have been wronged or unfairly treated in the workplace, please call MEA at (619) 264-6632 to open a case. One of our dedicated stewards would be honored to stand with you.